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We purchased a home that was previously owned by someone with a dog and I am highly allergic to dogs. Not only was I concerned about the dog fur everywhere, there were countless stains on the carpet from Fido having his fun. Not only did all of the stains come out of the carpets (YAY!), we've been living in the house for weeks now and I haven't had a single allergy issue! Kip did a great job and we plan on having him out 2-3 times a year to keep our carpets fresh and free of animal dander (we have cats). The service was fast too which was wonderful because I was able to get back to my day after very little time.  I can't recommend Kip enough! Thanks again!!!

-Mel R.  Round Rock, TX

I just had my carpets cleaned today, and I swear, it's nothing short of a miracle! I NEVER thought I'd see that carpet with NO spots on it ever again, and I say that because I've had them cleaned several times by other companies. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and was recently hospitalized. The pets were apparently traumatized by the change in routine or something because it was a smelly, stained mess when I came home. In about an hour, the technician had it looking and smelling as if I didn't even have any pets!! I was shocked and pleased beyond words. He was professional, friendly, and courteous, even helped me take up stuff off the floor that I got too tired to do before he got there. Do I recommend these people? Oh yeah!! I won't use anyone else. 

-Sharon M.  Georgetown, TX

I own a machine shop in Georgetown Tx.  I am moving from my old shop to my new one.  I hired QuikDri to clean my tile and grout in the shop.  I wasn't expecting a lot of the oil, grease etc. to get out of the grout.  I was really surprised to see how clean it was.  That is not the best part.  The technician saw the carpet in my shop and asked I was interested in having the carpets cleaned as well.  I told him that I had given up on the carpets getting cleaned because they were going to have to be replaced since they were so bad.  He asked if he could do a test on it and I was speechless.  All the oil, grease, hydrolic fluid, etc.... was GONE. QuikDri saved me from losing my $10,000 deposit.  I am not the kind of guy that leaves reviews or even has time to do so but I had to let EVERYONE know how good of a job this company does. 

-Robert D.  Round Rock, TX

I can't say enough good things about this company.  I own a rental house and my previous tenants ruined my carpet.  I thought I was going to have to replace all of my carpet.  Thanks to QuikDri, I no longer have to.  No more spots, no more nasty pet smells, no more nasty.  I recommend this company to any and all.

-Amy G  Georgetown, TX

I highly recommend QuikDri! They are professional, prompt, and did a wonderful job on our carpets and upholstery - they look good as new. Also, the cleaners they use are all-natural and non-toxic... Can't recommend this service enough! 

-Jessica L.  Salado, TX

Awesome job getting out stubborn stains other companies couldn't. We have used several other local and national companies in the past and they were by far the best. We only use QuikDri Carpet Cleaning now. 

-Rebecca C.  Temple, TX

I have five kids and two dogs (enough said).  QuikDri is my "safe place"! 

-Sherri  T.  Belton, TX

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