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#1 Water Restoration Experts

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When disaster strikes and you find yourself in immediate need of professional water restoration services, call the team at QuikDri in Georgetown and Round Rock, Texas,  in the case of water, mold, or odor damage to your home or business.

Flooded Home


QuikDri provides professional water damage restoration and flood repairs for homes and businesses in Georgetown and Round Rock, Texas. The QuikDri team will take care of your problems and make sure your home or business can get back to the way it was as soon as possible.


When ridding mold from an area, it is important to eliminate all water and dampness using the right equipment along with suitable chemicals to ensure the mold is entirely removed from an area. The QuikDri team comes well-prepared to tackle any mold issue you are experiencing, regardless of severity.

Mold Removable



We use the Ozone Shock Treatment process from commercial ozone generators to eradicate odors in homes, condos, apartments, cars/trucks, RVs, restaurants, businesses, offices, buildings, and motel/hotels. QuikDri in Georgetown and Round Rock, Texas, can remove smoke, tobacco, pet, skunk, musty, mildew, mold, urine, and many more odors.

*24-hour emergency service *Free water Damage restoration estimates *Fully insured for over $2,000,000

Water Restoration

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